Wakefield is a multi-layered, multi-thematic score of dazzling complexity.” —Featured in interview and review for Film Music Magazine.

Aaron signed to score “Wakefield”. Directed by Robin Swicord for Dominion Pictures.

Aaron signed to score “The Shack”. Directed by Sturt Hazeldine for Lionsgate.

Aaron signed to score “Suge Knight”. Directed by Antoine Fugua for Mythology Entertainment.

Aaron signed to score “Mr. Right”. Directed by Paco Cabezas for Focus World.

Aaron signed to score “I Saw the Light”. Directed by Marc Abraham for Sony Pictures.

September 13, 2015 Aaron performs his “Rhapsody for Cello” at Second Sundays, along with cellist Andrew Shulman and pianist Robert Thies

June 15, 2014 BMI presented “Coffee Talk” with composers at the LA Film Festival. Aaron Zigman discussed his craft in a fun and informal atmosphere.

Aaron has just signed to score Nicholas Sparks movie “The Best of Me” due out in October 2014.  Directed by Michael Hoffman for Relativity Media.

Aaron Zigman scored the new movie “Addicted” due out in October 2014. Directed by Bill Woodruff for Lionsgate Studios.

In 2013 Fox Studios signed Aaron Zigman to score the movie “The Other Woman” which opened in May 2014. Starring Cameron Diaz and directed by Nick Cassavettes.

In 2013 Aaron Zigman completed the score to the movie “Baggage Claim”, directed by David E. Talbert from Fox/Searchlight Studios.

On May 15, 2013, Aaron Zigman received the BMI Award for his scores for the films “Escape from Planet Earth” and Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor”.

On June 26th, 2013 Aaron Zigman is selected by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to become a Member of the Music Branch. View invitation >